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Human Trafficking
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Nearly 7,000 Nepali girls as young as nine years old are sold every year into India’s red-light district—or 200,000 in the last decade. Ten thousand children between the ages of six and 14 are in Sri Lanka brothels. (“Millions Suffer in Sex Slavery.” NewsMax. April 24, 2001. Accessed: December 26, 2010.)

Of course, these numbers do not reflect the numbers of lives affected from this injustice committed. How many girls haven't seen any other way of life? How many more still don't know what great value their lives are? And how can we make a difference?

Making a difference can start at many levels. I have elected myself to go bring hope and love to these precious girls, but I need a LOT of help. I love all your support in this mission!

Visit to learn 55 little-known-facts about human trafficking.

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