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About This Mission

This trip contains a group of 20 young and medium-aged adults. We are leaving for India April 19th-May 6th, and will be traveling to a few North-Eastern cities, including Calcutta and Darjeeling. We will be in India for 2 and a half weeks.

Our group is going with Central Community Church, with pastor Alex Smethurst. Alex has led many international outreach teams, and has seen many lives transformed. God's love is for everyone, and it is a gift to be a harbinger of this amazing love.

What we will accomplish

Much of the work we will be doing will be social work, showing love and
support for children and women. It will be exciting to be a helping hand,
leading some children activities, visiting women in brothels, and speaking
life and value into these precious ones.

These children and women need a voice. While there I will be learning
about the situation these children and women face. I have a passion for
Global Aid, and will be able to see where differences can be made. I'm
excited to share these experiences with you, so together we can help these
children and women on the road to restoration.

Visit our itinerary posted below! (Poor quality images... bear with me!)

Join me

Your donation will support our group with traveling and supplies costs. You will be funding our outreach to these neglected women and children. An injustice we wish to amend.

Visit 'Give' to provide support and 'Contact' to request more information or to provide further support with supplies.
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